"BARE'': Sportmax FW23 Runway Show
Revealing while covering. Covering while revealing. Sportmax presents the Autumn-Winter 2023 Runway Show: stripping back and peeling off to lay bare and go back to the origin of things. A call to nature at once pure and wild in which androgyny - the encounter of masculine/feminine energy - is the absolute expression of freedom.


The essential act of being oneself and celebrating one's skin turn into a revolution. Bold layering and sheer transparent silhouettes enlivens the body in a continuous game of contrasts between bourgeois elegance, primitive chic and glam androgyny.

A statement legitimisation of the complexities of being including the free will to enjoy playing out the clichés or breaking the molde. Colors run the gamut, from neutral skin tones - beiges and camels - to browns - cinnamon, caramel, ginger. All the tints are complemented by a peach one and punctuated with absolute black. Accessories come to life through an unexpected mix of metal and botanical accents.
Fw23 04 Sportmax
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