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Perfect Fit Denim

Keyword: perfect fit.
The wardrobe classic is now available in a variety of hallmark, tailored Sportmax cuts. Perfect Fit jeans enhance the silhouette with their unique pocket in stretch fabric. Details make the difference: dyed indigo, classic blue or in dark tones for a dynamic daywear look.
Featuring an array of fits from skinny to baggy jeans, from boyfriend to cropped jeans, find your Perfect Fit and discover the denim collection of blouses, dresses and trench coats.

Slouchy High-Top Jeans Sportmax

Slouchy High-Top Jeans

189,00 €
Form-fit Skinny Jeans Sportmax

Form-fit Skinny Jeans

179,00 €
High Flex Skinny Jeans Sportmax

High Flex Skinny Jeans

195,00 €
Fringed Kick Flare Jeans Sportmax

Fringed Kick Flare Jeans

195,00 €
Sculpted Boyfriend Jeans Sportmax

Sculpted Boyfriend Jeans

179,00 €
Contrast Stitch Cigarette Jeans Sportmax

Contrast Stitch Cigarette Jeans

179,00 €
Oblique Fringed Jeans Sportmax

Oblique Fringed Jeans

225,00 €
Washed Out Fringe Jeans Sportmax

Washed Out Fringe Jeans

215,00 €
Buttoned Kick Flare Jeans Sportmax

Buttoned Kick Flare Jeans

219,00 €
High-Resistance Zip Jeans Sportmax

High-Resistance Zip Jeans

195,00 €
Piped Cotton Poplin Shirt Sportmax

Piped Cotton Poplin Shirt

169,00 €
Soft-Sanded Denim Jacket Sportmax

Soft-Sanded Denim Jacket

305,00 €
Corset-Stitch Denim Jacket Sportmax

Corset-Stitch Denim Jacket

279,00 €
Transforming Denim Trench Coat Sportmax

Transforming Denim Trench Coat

569,00 €
Wrap-around Denim Robe Sportmax

Wrap-around Denim Robe

349,00 €
Flounce Sleeve Denim Shirt Sportmax

Flounce Sleeve Denim Shirt

145,00 €
Sartorial Gabardine Trousers Sportmax

Sartorial Gabardine Trousers

185,00 €
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