Hero Sartoriale Sportmax

Modern elegance

Clear cuts and summer vibes. Contemporary tailoring with structured constructions, soft volumes, comfortable fabrics. This is modern elegance.

Tailored Wool Waistcoat Sportmax

Tailored Wool Waistcoat

629,00 €
Tailored Wool Shorts Sportmax

Tailored Wool Shorts

259,00 €
Tailored Wool Jacket Sportmax

Tailored Wool Jacket

759,00 €
Tailored Gabardine Mini Skirt Sportmax

Tailored Gabardine Mini Skirt

325,00 €
Tailored Wool Shorts Sportmax

Tailored Wool Shorts

259,00 €
Semi-flare Wool Trousers Sportmax

Semi-flare Wool Trousers

305,00 €
01 4c Sportmax
02 3c Sportmax
Deconstructed Sleeveless Jacket Sportmax

Deconstructed Sleeveless Jacket

595,00 €
Belted & Tailored Jacket Sportmax

Belted & Tailored Jacket

669,00 €
Sleek Regimental Jacket Sportmax

Sleek Regimental Jacket

729,00 €
Tailored Longline Shorts Sportmax

Tailored Longline Shorts

215,00 €
Double-flex Tailored Trousers Sportmax

Double-flex Tailored Trousers

359,00 €
Transforming Chiffon Blouse Sportmax

Transforming Chiffon Blouse

469,00 €

Blue vibes

Deep blue tones, transparent volumes with feminine attitude. Statement detailing, and asymmetry. Mixing, layering, and contrasting textures.


Up to date femininity

Contemporary variations on femininity with pink hues.